Volunteer Opportunities

The wants and needs required of hospice patients are highly diverse and extensive, providing many opportunities for you to serve. A few of the almost infinite areas of assistance are listed below.


Companion Services

Visiting patients, reading stories of interest to them, taking walks with them, or just being there to listen.


Respite Services

Conducting routine household chores, light meal preparation, yard work, and shopping on behalf of patients.


Spiritual Services

Discussing faith, praying, and reading with hospice patients.


Bereavement Services

Consoling family members after they experience the loss of loved ones and periodic welfare visits to aid in the healing process.


Office Services

Answering telephones, photocopying paperwork, and mailing parcels in support of the mission of Aime Hospice Care.

Becoming a Volunteer

Many benefits await those who choose to volunteer at Aime Hospice Care. Service provides volunteers with personal fulfillment derived from many sources, some of which are described below.

The Ability to Make a Difference

Hospice volunteers provide aid and comfort to people when they need it the most; namely, as they go through the end-of-life process. The service provided by volunteers is priceless to both hospice patients and their families.

The Enjoyment of Enriching Assignments

The scope of assignments offered to volunteers is very broad and can include cooking for hospice patients, providing companionship services, and completing administrative tasks. Regardless of your interests or abilities, there’s a service opportunity just for you!

The Camaraderie of Serving on a Great Team

At Aime Hospice Care, you'll find a team of dedicated staff and fellow volunteers who are committed to serving patients. We enjoy our work and enjoy the fellowship of those we work with, making for an enriching experience.

The Value of Excellent Training

The Aime Hospice Care training program educates and enlightens volunteers on many topics, including hospice mission and regulations, effective communication skills, care and comfort measures, and much more. During the training program, volunteers will also meet the leadership of Aime Hospice Care, as well of many of the staff. Beyond formal training, volunteers have access to the Volunteer Coordinator at any time for comments, concerns and ongoing hospice education.

To join Aime Hospice Care’s volunteer team, simply contact the volunteer coordinator at any one of our four Aime Hospice Care offices. The volunteer coordinator will supply an application, discuss your interests and availability, and describe current opportunities.

Positions are available for all age groups and ability levels, and flexible schedules are possible for most service opportunities. We work to ensure that assignments suit your preferences, skills, and abilities.

To make your contribution, give us a call today!