Charitable Giving

Aime Hospice Care is engaged in one of the most sensitive of operations, caring for individuals in the twilight of their lives.

Many times, surviving family members, often in memory of their loved ones, express desires to forward contributions for the purpose of extending benefits to others facing the troubling circumstances associated with end-of-life matters.

For such gifts, Aime Hospice Care maintains a charitable fund that accepts donations and directs these funds to hospice patients and their family members. These resources are particularly helpful for funding wants and needs that are not covered by hospice benefit plans. Such assistance makes an incredible difference in the lives of our clients, easing their burden during a most trying period of time.


  • Last wishes
  • Home maintenance
  • Installation of wheelchair ramps
  • Utility and telephone bills
  • Patient travel
  • Planning and staging family reunions
  • Food and clothing
  • Medications and supplies not covered by hospice benefit plans


If you have ever wanted to make a defined difference in someone's life, this is your opportunity. To learn more, please contact the Aime Hospice Care office of your choice.